About Australian Lupin Beans

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Our website is an information portal that aims to provide consumers, food companies, health professionals and nutritionists with accurate up-to-date-knowledge about the attributes of the amazing and underutilised Australian Lupin Bean.

We are proud to be based in the beautiful and innovative state of Western Australia where the bean was first developed and currently grows about 85% of world’s production.

Contributors include peer-reviewed scientists and experts from universities and institutions that have first-hand lupin experience and networks across the globe.

Australian Government’s Agricultural Innovation Hubs Program

This project is funded by the Australian Government’s Agricultural Innovation Hubs Program with support from the Western Australian Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development and was initiated through the South-West WA Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub.

Our mission, vision and values

Our mission

To promote the health benefits of Australian Lupin Bean and make reputable information more widely available to consumers in Australia and around the World.


Our vision

To see Australian Lupin Bean contribute to global food security, but more significantly, strengthen nutritional diversity and enhance consumer health and well-being.

We promote growing Australian Sweet Lupin as part of productive and sustainable agricultural systems.

We support sustainable, ethical, and premium quality lupin food product manufacture.

We are excited to be on this journey with you, and we can’t wait to share the incredible benefits of Australian Lupin Bean with the World.

Australian Sweet Lupin